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Myspace (originally stylized as MySpace and currently stylized as myspace) is an American social networking service. From 2005 to 2009, it was the largest social networking site in the world, reaching more than 100 million users per month. Myspace was acquired by News Corporation in July 2005 for $580 million, and in June 2006 surpassed Yahoo and Google to become the most visited website in the United States.

Salem shares his experience on, "I'm honestly really mad. Tried accessing my MySpace account and I could not do that. Wanted to search for old photos and see into my messages... nothing is the same. When you search your name it only shows 10 profiles and will not search any more than that. Whoever bought MySpace... suck my butt. You suck. I hate you. That's why you're poor. Your mother. Insert middle finger."


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Former Employee - Senior Vice President says

"Myspace had a "when all else fails, let's have a reorg" mentality. This neglected to get at the root of the problem which was typically inconsistent product strategy and prioritization, as well as an overabundance of senior managers, many of whom had personal motives not in accord with the overall company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It will never be what it was in 2005"

Artist Relations/Content says

"I was part of the group that got laid off last year but even before that, the entire team was getting decimated every quarter. There was really only one person holding everything together especially in tech -- ronnie, if you see this, you'd really be better off somewhere else bro. People in my department working for years got laid off and only 2 people were left, which is bonkers because they sold us that they want to focus on content. There's no direction from upper management and were absent most of the time, probably golfing or on vacation."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"VPs always changing. No solid direction."

Former Employee - Web Designer says

"Horrible direction from Senior Staff, and that includes Tom..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Chaotic environment. Too much politics."

Visual Designer says

"Their HR is not Myspace but Specific Media (parent company), which is embarrassingly unprofessional. They don't know the difference between job roles."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no vision, cost cutting at every corner. Management does not care about employees, and only watch out for themselves. Will publicly embarrass teams in front of the entire company. No budget to be competitive. Unless you are desperate for a paycheck avoid at all costs this is a sinking ship"

Customer Care Agent says

"Management cliques unprofessional co-workers and supervisors politics in terms of promotions and well...everything no communication unless in a clique hardly hired their temps even though they say they are temp-to-hire International department is favored Computers are joke"

Analyst says

"Once one's role is decided, it is very hard to take on new responsibilities or projects. 0% of promotions are from within. No direction to company as a whole."

Customer Service/ data input (Former Employee) says

"A typical day was dealing with customer service and going through millions of images submitted to the site for inappropriate material. The company I worked for was contracted for Myspace (I believe). It was in a small office building with several cubicles located in Deltona, FL. Cons: short breaks and no advancement"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Managing a pipeline"

Contract Media Curator (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my time as a contracted curator during Myspace's rebranding phase in 2010. I contributed daily style updates for a small stipend at the end of each month. The work balance was wonderful, the advancement opportunity was minimal."

Project Manager / Agile Scrum Master (Former Employee) says

"Fun start-up feel with a lot going on. It was great until everyone got laid off. Cons: no security"

Director, Partner & Label Relations, West Coast (Former Employee) says

"It was challenging to resurrect a brand with a disparaged legacy. I was brought in to help alleviate the relationships between the record labels, artists and managers in order to ensure that the Myspace Music joint venture was a success. Work place environment was mostly great! Sadly, for what was always considered a 'music' site, excessive music uh... let's just say that my background in music programming, A&R, talent relations, etc. wasn't exactly conducive to a quiet office environment. Myspace was quiet, which was bothersome. If you've brought in an A level artist and it sounds or seems like a phychiatric ward, it's not exactly a great 1st impression for a brand that needs to be reinvented. It was a lot of fun though. Co-workers were amazing. Cons: I felt stifled by the environment"

Doretha Watkins says

"I didnt get far to really be able to review much. I definitely was hoping that id try it out and id love it and be able to brag about it on Facebook to get people to switch. Ive been looking for a new social media platform because Facebook is out of control. Its impossible to reach Facebook support and even when you do they are crappy. Supposedly bullying and harrassment is against their standards but they are allowing a whole group to do just that and when you report them with proof Facebook either doesnt respond or they say it doesnt go against their standards when it does. Well I would have gave Myspace a shot but as soon as i seen that Myspace does not have a mobile app i instantly changed my mind. We live in a lazy society no one is going to leave a site where its a click away for one where you have to click the internet type in the site type in your log in info and what ever else. Its just not worth it. Soon as they get a mobile app i will be back to give it a shot because im tired of Facebook and people could use something new. People love new even if Myspace is old having a mobile app will bring more members⁷."

cloudstarr says

"Goddamnit myspace is so terrible. I want to log into my music account but the email on that account isn't getting the "reset password" email! I want to get some songs I privated last time I uploaded music in 2014 cause that's the only place they exist. What the heck is this fake site, probably being used for money laundering or something and should be investigated. It can barely even load some of the pictures it claims it stored from the old site. It literally has no customer service! SHUT IT DOWN!! It was myspace slash thatstheplan"

Blessed Lynn says

"I used to use Myspace when they first came out ,it was awesome back in the day ,now ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Myspace has been washed up"

Orange Betsy says

"It's a piece of garbage. I read all the reviews saying run from this like it was COVID19. I said 'eh, try anyways'

I went thru the process, and now it seemed i had a myspace page.

Then i went to log in, email not recognized. Went to my gmail to make sure. Yep, there's my myspace confirmation email.

So the email that is confirmed as my myspace email, is nevertheless not gonna be recognized.

So my myspace experience is now permanently staring at the log-in screen.

It's garbage, it wastes HUGE AMOUNTS of time. Time during which i could be working on ANY OTHER platform that doesn't have this singular distinction. Guess when they lost a decade of everyone's data i should've taken the hint. Oh well.


Michael M says

"Word of advice. If you use an android mobile and download the free vpn opera browser app, and use it's vpn feature to change your ip address of that of another country, that won't actually let you use the vpn feature on their site. They claim that they do not allow it, because if you have an american ip, it is because of a Californian law, or if you have an ip address from Europe, it is based on some sort of European law for why myspace has to know what your real IP address really is. If you use the same vpn feature from the opera browser on facebook or on youtube though, it might be difficult, but it is still possible to use the vpn feature on those sites. For facebook and youtube though, accepting cookies is still a requirement, which is a whole other discussion all together. For myspace to lie to you that it is the law to know your ip address, I think that something is up with that site. Maybe they give certain news to certain IP addresses and maybe someone else should find out more on how things really work in myspace itself. I hope that this helps certain people in some way or at least, that it is nice to be aware of this, before actually making a new account on myspace itself."

Kirk Bradford says

"They don't save anything, then when you want to log in, they ask questions about accounts that are so old dinosaurs may have been around then. Maybe update to normal parameters. No wonder they got their butt holes dived into like sharks on a piece of meat. (is that better for *myspace posting requirements that don't allow the mammal known as the A-S-S-? peeled by Facebook and Instagram."

Joseph Driskell says

"this website is just a tinder for Justin Timberlake to pick up girls who want to be singers."

J Daigle says

Vast amounts of mixed up information on people who have the smae names. They won't fix the information even when contacted dozens of times. The post lies and want you to pay to remove them. This site should be shut down by the law enforcement for fraud."

Brandon says

"Tried logging in to my account and had to verify that I was not a robot after forgetting my password (it has been a few years after all) which is fine, only problem was that after the 15th verification screen in a row (kept asking me for traffic lights which pretty much filled the entire captcha screen) and after clicking hundreds of times I kind of got a bit frustrated and decided never to return. If users have to do that every time they forget a password it wont be too long until they have zero users. Or maybe thats the plan?
What a lame way of logging in. How the mighty have fallen!"

Glenn Lac says

"My space is full of crap eat sh—t and die !!!there’s no facts it’s all fiction Buttholes!!!! don’t even try to call On the phone Butt holes hang up on you after 25 minutes ove waiting,bunch of Butt wipes!!!!And if My Aunt had Balls she be my Uncle!!!!!"

9mathilda9 len says

"sucks. looks like dead site. u need to hire some girls to keep it alive, cam girls are the best"

me says

"I tried to bring back the platform (replicate the 2008) we had over 5K users on it. Then there lawyers asked us to shut it down, also around the same time i found out there lawyers are the same as facebooks, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher"

Crystal Anderson says

"I wanted to look at my dumbass pictures but I couldn’t. On the bright side I won a $1000 amazon gift card."

Don’t know- Daymien says

"I hate the fact that MySpace keeps on putting on ads for gift cards, just stop. MySpace is dead unless they stop with the ads and upgrade there software"

Amber Lyne says

"I’m honestly really mad. Tried accessing my MySpace account and I could not do that. Wanted to search for old photos and see into my messages.....nothing is the same. When you search your name it only shows 10 profiles and will not search any more than that. Whoever bought MySpace......suck my butt. You suck. I hate you. That’s why you’re poor. Your mother. Insert middle finger."

Sandra says

"Every time I go on my old boyfriends profile, I hear musiq that makes me sad. At least I can see old photos of him because he block me on face book lo l"

marcelggb says

"I did get spam on my unique MySpace e-mail address. ("myspace@[my domain.ext]")

They must have leaked or sold my personal data. I hope they didn't sell my other personal data.

Unsafe company!

Bad people!

Don't trust them with your personal data!

Possible identity theft!

I'm just happy they don't have my credit card number.


I tried to contact them, but all e-mail addresses are invalid."

mogenmolborg says

"Am I the only one who thinks it's really strange how Myspace went from being THE social media of its time to being pure crap in like no time?"

Anonymous Anonymous says

"Tracey to answer your question it does still exist but still just not any where near as great as on how that it used to be approximately 13-14 years ago though"

Dash Of Sass says

"I miss MySpace and wish that it had a mobile app. I think a lot of people would start using MySpace again if it was more mobile friendly and made some adjustments to go back to being a social media platform like it was before." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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